***   A T T E N T I O N ! !   ***

Sadly haz closed all da candle groupz,
but me didn't give up n found finally anofer website 2 continue lightin candlez fur all our beluvd ANGELz!

Fur everybody n efurrypawdy,
who iz listed on diz "CANDLE GROUP" page, me created a 

Da candlez last even much longa dan on, guessin fur 14 dayz!!

ALL ME LUV n sweetest healin purrz
2 all da Angelz in Heaven n deir luvd onez, dey haf had 2 leave behind,
 yoo all will b fureva in me heart,
yooz Sunny da Kitty aka @misssunnymind

Purrleez come back @ least all two weekz
2 renew candlez! 
LET ~♡~ DA ~♡~ LUV ~♡~ FLOW!!

~♡~ FANX Y'ALL SO MUCH!! ~♡~

⬇  ⬇  ⬇


Group FRANK ~♡~ @TeraEuro
(hooman dad & typist of @Hugo4de) 

Group WOLFIE ~♡~ @CatizenSmith
(brofur of Angel @MrTibbsatAP & Angel @TheMagusCat)

Group LOUISE and Petie ~♡~ Angel @Petiethecat and mom

Group BAYLEE ~♡~ @Spunker78Peters' furbaby

Group HARLEY ~♡~ @Harley_Mill_Dog

Group POOKIE ~♡~ @PookieMacalpi

Group TIMMY ~♡~ @TinyTimmySpeaks

Group BLUE the cat ~♡~ @BlueCat_hikes

Group BATLEYnHAPPY ~♡~ @TAZZYdevil13

Group WILLS ~♡~ @HRMeownessWills
(brofur of @ArcherPaws)

Group TiggyBean ~♡~ @TiggyBean

Group PUMA ~♡~ @PumaKingCat
(furbaby of @misssunnymind & @cathound7)

Group ABBY ~♡~ @manxmnews

Group GRACIE ~♡~ @manxmnews

Group TOBYnBOBBY ~♡~ @peemail

Group POSIE ~♡~ @BionicBasil's sisfur

Group FELIXnMILO ~♡~ @catgirl321

Nutmeg, Felix, Milo & Spike

Group SUNNY ~♡~ @KimVanspauwen

Group BODE ~♡~ @4catsstrapski

Group AuntyLESLIE ~♡~ @mariethetabby
(hooman aunt)

Group Charlotte ~♡~ @spookyshorty's sisfur

Group Spookyshorty ~♡~ @spookyshorty
Shorty & Corky

Group TILLY ~♡~ @bambibrooke
Tilly & Simba

Group LittleMan ~♡~ @jschwartz197
doggie LITTLE MAN and tomkitty BUDDY

Group SIMON ~♡~ @RhyminSimonGR

Group Hurley'sPOP ~♡~ @JustAn
otherTrnd's dad

Group NISSY ~♡~ @nerissathecat

Group MarcusMaurice ~♡~ @lovecats1516's furbaby

Group PantherQueenCJ ~♡~ @PantherQueen

Group GREY ~♡~ @ChrisGroove1's brofur

Group CLYDE ~♡~ @DearClyde

Group TAMMY ~♡~ @iamtammycat

Group JOERG ~♡~ @jazzmancat

hooman dad Jörg of tomkitty Jazz & fursibs

Group MILO ~♡~ @BonBonjorge

Milo & Maili

Group PATTI ~♡~ @ptinkey

hooman mom of kitty Hopey & fursibs

Group SMITTY ~♡~ @IAmSmittyKitty

Group LOLAnSIMON ~♡~ @DrHornetBupp

Group SAL ~♡~ @SalvatoredaCat

Group LOLA ~♡~ @Millymopmoo

(sisfur of Angel @Katiepops_L)

Group KATIE ~♡~ @Katiepops_L
(sisfur of @Millymopmoo)

Group SIDDY ~♡~ @SidTheCatahoula

Group POOKY ~♡~ @lace675468

Group CAINE ~♡~ @GamesABogie's furbaby

Group cherylpoestone'sFURBABIES

Group TIGER ~♡~ @mariethetabby's grandson

Tiger and Andy

Group ANGUSmacFerret

Group KIRINnFIZGIG ~♡~ @KylieKats

Group MORRIS ~♡~ @morriscat

Group PULCE ~♡~ @Brici161

Group TIBBSY ~♡~ @MrTibbsatAP
(brofur of @CatizenSmith & Angel @TheMagusCat)

Group TEDDY ~♡~ @TheMagusCat

(brofur of @CatizenSmith & Angel @MrTibbsatAP)

Group NIKE ~♡~ @NikePurrfektCat


Group Shadow ~♡~ @AbbyDawgBlog's kitty brofur

Group DIESEL ~♡~ @BlueSkinnyDog

Group MARBLECAKE ~♡~ @SantinaKitteh's sisfur

Group INGRID ~♡~ @NoCrybabyDoGs

hooman mom Ingrid of doggie Daffy

Group TacoBelle-Damon-Girl ~♡~ @profpatti's furpals

Group ZEKE ~♡~ @noahzbark's furbaby

Group SARAH ~♡~ @wurzel260654's furbaby

Group BULLET ~♡~ @Bulletthecat

(furbaby of @catcookghes)

Group COZZY ~♡~ @Wilson10Lucille's fursib
(Speedy's n Tiger's brofur)

Group BLACKIE ~♡~ @PatchyMeow's sisfur

Group BOOMER ~♡~ @dorkasaurus' furbaby

Group JANE ~♡~ @JessieJaney

hooman mom Jane of panfur Jessie

Group SAMANTHA The Watcher ~♡~ @Samthewatcher

Group KODO ~♡~ @KodoCat

(sisfur of @M00N_The_Cat)

Group SAMANTHA ~♡~ @Charliechipscat's doggie sisfur

Group PHI ~♡~ @3phibotticelli

Group RAZOR ~♡~ @greytfriend's furbaby

Group JACKnMARLEY  ~♡~ @Jack4Presidente

Group CAKE ~♡~ @SispurrCake

Group KOKOMO ~♡~ @BchesSandy's furbaby

Group SAMSON ~♡~ @Samson257

Group CASSIE  ~♡~ @cassiepurrs

Cassie and Emma
(sisfurs of @spike_cat)

Group MINI ~♡~ @GeorgeTheDuck's kitty

Group SANJEE ~♡~ @sanj
(kitty of @GeorgeTheDuck)

Group TUSSIE ~♡~ @echo_indigo

Group SLIPPAH ~♡~ @SlippahT

Group Mr. PUSS ~♡~ @Mr_Puss_N_Boots

Group BADGER ~♡~ @piggusbiggus's fursib

Group POOKY PUG ~♡~ @PookyPuggin

Group DASH ~♡~ @DashKitten

Dash, fursib Peanut & foster kitten NEMO
(furbabies of @whskr)

Group RUSTY ~♡~ @Rustylinda

Group MACCA ~♡~ @CattleDogBart

Group POPPYtheDOG ~♡~ @poppy_dog

Group SLICK ~♡~ @BZTAT

Group CASPER ~♡~ @CatnamedFreddy

Group NUTTY  ~♡~ @HutchAGoodLife

Group SAMMY ~♡~ @BeagleboySam

Group PICKLE ~♡~ @picklemagnet

Group SMOKEY ~♡~ @Smokey8

Group GEORGE the dog ~♡~ @AJAE33

Group BEAR ~♡~ @BearBearD

(brofur of @PrincessRosyRue)

Group ROCCOnMAX ~♡~ @kimberleytbrown

Group MOLLS ~♡~ @WestieDoggy

Group PIGLET ~♡~ @GreyPigle


Group LIVVY ~♡~ @livvyoldcat

Livingston (brofur of @morbokif)

Group DUSTY ~♡~ @msanymous

Group NEOnSIMBA ~♡~

Group RYKER ~♡~ @lovepookiecat

Group #WLF ~♡~ #wlf #WLF10thBattalion

Group FESTER ~♡~ @LeighButler3

Group TEDnBELLA ~♡~ @RealJoannek

Group AVA the dog ~♡~ @avabobaba

Group MUSTY ~♡~  @MustardSupercat

(brofur of @chutneysupercat)

Group EWOK ~♡~ @EwoktheGrey

(brofur of @MufftheSqueaky & @morkthecheeky,
furbaby of @rainbowlem)

Group ZINNI ~♡~ @zinni426

Group CHASE ~♡~ @DaneRay

Group BARLEY ~♡~ @SirBarley

Group DIGBY ~♡~ @digbythecat

Group POOH ~♡~ @jdpoohbear

Group BOSCOnPRETZEL ~♡~ @BigManLittleBoy

(brofurs of @DaSisfurs)

Group PANTIE ~♡~ @Hf_Fulvia

Group MOOJIE ~♡~ @hairvanity4life's furbaby

Group GWENIE ~♡~ @Gorgeousgwenie

Group BUDDY ~♡~ @BuddyRabbit

Group LOTTIE ~♡~ @deaf_lottie

Group RASSIE  ~♡~ @rassieboi

Group Teddy ~♡~ @toughteddybear
Teddy & Baby

Group MARLEY ~♡~ @marleyterrier
(doggie dad of @claptonterrier)

Group DOUGAL ~♡~ @frugaldougal

Group EMMY ~♡~ @emmydib
Emmy, and all the pups that have gone before

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  1. What a wonderful job you have done on this massive memorial to so many fur babies🌹Thank you so much🌹@LollyMadonna