Thursday, September 11, 2014

September, 11th 2014

Even if 13 years passed by, since the biggest buildings of this beautiful planet, the two towers of the WORLD TRADE CENTER in the US state New York, have been attacked by airplanes, with lot of innocent people in it, and the thousands of innocent people, who were working there in the buildings self, who all lost their lives, should NEVER EVER BE FORGOTTEN!!
We realized, that it is very warm outside today, like it was on this special day 13 years ago, only the sun is missing, but therefore they expect RAIN, it is just perfect for this SPECIAL DAY OF REMEMBERANCE, it seems, all the people, who lost their lives on this horrible, dark day  will just come together and will remind us later  with MILLION OF TEARS of this, what happened to them years ago!!
We hope and wish, that they all will find peace finally!!
Our thoughts are also especially with all of their families, they had to leave behind so suddenly, so unexpected (mums, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, sons, sisters, uncles, aunties, girlfriends, boyfriends) and buddies (friends)!!
We, means ALL MEMBERS/SUPPORTERS FROM THE #HEALINGPURRSPAWTY Team, will never forget, what happened!! We know, Anniversaries are and will be always the most painful days, after this happened. We can't let it make unhappen, but we will always remember this "darkest" day in the history!!
OUR DEEPEST SYMPATHIES TO ALL THE LOVED ONES, YOU ALL HAD TO LEAVE BEHIND, WE'RE THINKING OF YOU ALL, of those, who lost their battle, and those, who lost a family member, family members or even all their family, friends or a friend and will properly never really get over it, it would be even a wonder, if they ever could...

OUR ♡♡DEEPEST♡LOVE♡♡ and RESPECT!!             ♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡•°•♡
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  1. You are precious to me, Admiral and Katie. xxooox